REVIEW: Thalamus - Sign Here For Nothing

HeavyRock from Sweden
Thalamus - Black Day Sunday

For the second time the Swedish Thalamus hits the surface, this time with a five tracker titled 'Sign Here for Nothing'. In 2006 Thalamus made a demo, and in 2007 the band released their highly recommended debut album 'Beneath the dying sun' which is hard to beat. Unfortunately that's what Thalamus doesn't manage to do on the new ep. But 'Sign here...' is still not bad in any way and delivers a good portion of nicely carved stoner/hard rock nuggets enough to satisfy the starving masses.

Thalamus starts off with 'Hope You Understand' which offers a quite thrilling 70's experience through time and space. Yes, I understand what this is all about and Thalamus is still making me happy with their Hammond flavoured Stoner Rock. Imagine that Blue Oyster Cult or some other 70's relic mated with Dozer or Kyuss and you're pretty close to how it sounds. The second track 'Breathe Easy' really makes me breathe easy without any difficulty, I smell greatness and self-confidence. Once again they offer you ear candy of high qualities, and not to forget the vocals which is superb!

All tracks are neatly assembled without the slightest sign of slips and even if not 'Sign Here...'is as strong as its predecessor Thalamus still shows clear signs of gigantism. Track no. three 'Black Day Sunday' runs you down like a raging bull on meth, it is fortunate that I'm writing this on a Saturday and not on a Sunday. Otherwise I would have been writing in the dark at this point. Anyway, Black Day Sunday is a loose cannon that churning out high-explosive riffs √° la the seventies meets present time. This is one of the highlights for sure and it is also a proof that this ep is worthy the attention.
Reviewed by Tobias Beament

Track List
01 Hope You Understand
02 Breathe Easy
03 Black Day Sunday
04 New Age Blues
05 Early Morning Leave
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