REVIEW: Riff Cannon - Mercury Mountain

StonerRocK from the USA
Riff Cannon - See Me Fall

I put this record on and the first thing I noticed was how cool the drums sound............. Don't get me wrong, the guitars sound cool (and FUZZY!!!!!!!) but the drummer is an absolute beast and the engineer who recorded this album did a GREAT job of capturing those tubs. So, while listening to this album I was paying lots of attention to the beautiful sounding drums and struggling to pay so much attention to the guitar tone!!!!!

When I awaken from my percussion fuelled trance I find myself in a psychedelic riff during the title track Mercury Mountain and I feel like I am in the middle of the film Flash Gordon righting with Brian Blessed while the world melts around me. Blues riffs flash 'arrow-like' past the head within my head and as my inner self ducks in fear the outer self raises a fist and extends the index finger, then seconds later the little pinky. My head starts to nod and then I smile, a smile in recognition of the fact that despite the Mogwai mellowness and over reliance on the guitarist's tremolo / chorus pedal this ROCKS.

Reviewed by Jon Davis

Track List 

01 Into The Mountain
02 Casting Shadows
03 The Oracle
04 Remember To Die
05 Roads To Pompeii
06 Mercury Mountain
07 See Me Fall
 08 At The Hall

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