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StonerRocK from Ireland
Killing Lazarus - Hide And Go Eek

Killing Lazarus are a 4 piece band from Dublin, Ireland forming from the ashes of Carraig and an Irish Dax Riggs Tribute band called Elephantmen. These lads got an 8 track and pretty much laid down some moody cool chilled out vibes that could even make Brant Bjork question is ability to ROCK! You may read this and think right away "Clone" But I assure you these guys have crafted a pretty fucking great home recording.

Kill for Fun is the opening track a slow depressing haunting track, guitar noodling of wah's and chorus flow behind some really dark moody Dax like vocals. Around the 4:00 mark it picks up to a healthy toe tapping, head dipping heavy riff before settling back down to a delayed almost Pink Floyd ending with Donovan styled effects on the vocals (Hurdy Gurdy Man).

Split the Sky an acoustic number that somehow carries a dark melodic feel. The vocals on this track make the song, whaling in and out all over the place, heartfelt stuff that paints a really depressing picture of hurt and emotion. I Wanna Get Fucked Up is classic Brant Bjork and could almost be mistaken to be the man himself on this track.
Dream Killer is again acoustic but arranged perfectly with creative dual vocals that become instrumental towards the later stages of the song! Hide and Go Eek is short and straight to the point, desert punk styled riffage and one hell of a catchy chorus that sticks and sticks in your head.

We Rot is a probably the stand out track for me, once again acoustic and yes! Dual vocals, I can't explain this, it just give me goose bumps and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand tall. Geminate is the final track and the longest on the record, clocking in at 10:32 you get a nice mellow psyche ride through the mind of Killing Lazarus! The main repetitive riff just sits in the back ground playing with your mind before climaxing to almost post/psyche territory and amazingly just the right balance of Heaviness.

Killing Lazarus are for sure doing something right here, it's a hard one to explain and more a judge for yourself kind of record. Trust me the more listens the better it gets and with real studio time and the right mix these guys could produce one killer fucking record. I look forward to that day and the next instalment of Killing Lazarus. Great job guys you left me questioning life after one listen.

Reviewed by Matt Frighetto

Track List

01 Kill For Fun
02 Split The Sky
03 I Wanna Get Fucked Up
04 Dream Killer
05 Hide And Go Eek
06 We Rot
07 Germinate

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