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StonerRocK from Croatia
Cojones - Prozac

I first got turned on to Cojones after reading about their split CD with Umor last year on some website, much like you may be doing right now. I had come to learn that they are from Croatia (being an American idiot, I wouldn't be able to point that out on a map to save my life). Their location, however is not important, other than I won't probably ever get to see these guys live, which is a damn shame. I remember reading on about how they were influenced by all my favorite bands: Kyuss, Down, Orange Goblin, etc., so I proceeded to hunt down the cd and buy it. When it finally arrived and I had a chance to give it a spin, I was blown away by both bands actually. I'd have to say that it's one of the better split albums I've heard. Then, when I saw that Cojones were releasing a full length album, I knew I was in for a treat.

Cojones' new offering to the riff god is entitled Sunrise, I'm not sure what's in the water over there in Croatia, but whatever it is, I gotta' get me some! Sunrise captures the very essence of all things that are right with music. Passion, integrity, aggression, memorable hooks, and its got a great chill-out factor that complements some fine herbal relaxation (if you catch my drift). I hear all the aforementioned influences in there, along with so many more, like the Doors, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Soundgarden. It's got the feel of a classic album, one I could (and have) listen to over and over again. There isn't one minute of filler on here - it flows from the opener, "Clearing Potion", a song that makes me feel like I'm driving through the desert with the windows rolled down, to the Tool-meets-Korn vibe of "Dreamlounge". Or "Monsterchild" with its freaky acid trip midsection and pummeling guitar work. The album takes a breather with the acoustic track "Mescaline Sunrise", which is just what the doctor ordered, giving my mind time to drift off and relax. My only complaint here is that it isn't long enough...because here comes "Superskunk's" crushing opening riff, a track that has more dynamics in it's seven minutes than most records have throughout. The spaced-out vibe of "Astral Queen" makes me think of Jim Morrison jamming with Nirvana, while Hendrix and Elvis play poker in some sort of heavenly afterparty. The last track "Shadows" carries the tradition of being awesome with its groovy, heavy blues driven, hard rockin' kickassery.

I obviously really enjoy this album. For me, music rarely takes me on a journey like this, and it harkens back to a time when albums were more than just one or two good songs on a piece of plastic. This is a true timeless masterpiece and is meant to played over and over again. If you like rock and roll, or just music in general, do yourself a favor and give this a chance, you won't regret it. To get yourself a copy head over to Sonic Doom Records. Or contact the band directly at their myspace site. I'm sure they wouldn't mind!.

Reviewed by Adam Walsh

Sonic Doom Records

Track List

01 Clearing Potion
02 Prozac
03 Dreamlounge
04 Fairy
05 Monsterchild
06 Mescaline Sunrise
07 Superskunk
08 Astral Queen
09 Breeze
10 Shadows
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