REVIEW: Birch Hill Dam - Colossus

Heavy Rock from the USA
"Colossus" is the title given to Birch Hill Dam's sophomore release, after releasing their self-titled debut back in 2009; they are back and ready to prove themselves against metal's elite.

"Colossus" meaning, something of immense size or power, seems a pretty fitting description to the grooving onslaught put forth on this album. Staying true to their debut, what u get here is more of the same southern-tinged stoner metal, a little doom thrown in for good measure and heaping amount of 70's and 80's rock, akin with bands like Down, Crowbar, Alabama Thunderpussy with a bit of Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple. Like their debut they even throw in a cover on the disc, unlisted on my promo but a huge surprise to my ears. Giving the "Birch Hill" flavor to an old Twisted Sister song, and showing their roots a bit. I love it when bands do that to a familiar tune, and make it their own.

Most of the vocals are clean and harmonious, but every once in awhile letting out a throat-shredding scream isn't out of the question, done with taste, and perfect timing. The production on "Colossus" is a step forward from the debut as well; everything is well balanced and in your face just like any good metal album should be.

Solid from beginning to end, there isn't one negative thing I can say about "Colossus". If u like honest and sincere heavy rock with no bullshit and balls to spare, this could be one of your favorite albums of 2011, if you don't, then why are you reading this? A must have for mine, and anyone's music collection.
Grab a physical copy of the Cd release Colossus with Bonus track, "Burn In Hell" from the Birch Hill Dam Store
by Adam Walsh

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