REVIEW: Tombstones - Volume II

Doom Rock  from Norway
Tombstones - Hellfire

The nightmare continues...
Hell yeah! The powerful and mighty Tombstones from Norway are  ready to crush all walls on their debut album 'II'. Get ready for some real heavy shit!

No fuck'n around is exactly what you might call this disc, on the debut album 'II' Tombstones shows the Masses that the bells of doom are ringing and the Vikings no longer exist! Quite a lot has happened since the demo 'Volume 1' and the band is heavier and seems more confident in what they are doing. In other words; it goes in the right direction.

The new album starts off with 'Hellfire' which is loose cannon without inhibitions.'The fire' take to prisoners and smashes you to pieces, over five burning minutes of uncompromising Norwegian anger with patter drums and glow hot strings. This is a ginormous stir up among the tombstones and the trio literally drives the stake through your heart. The followers 'Distorted Visions' and 'Whisperer In Darkness' makes me shiver all over, slow and sinister with a thrilling sense of the dark. This is true doom of higher rank which is comparable to dignities such as The Gates Of Slumber, Las Cruces and Wall Of Sleep.

'Further Down The Abyss' is one of the slowest acts and along with 'Realms Of Oblivion' these two make the perfect match to this album and completes the whole in a cool and sinister way. An exercise in raw power and demonic behaviour which makes any priest drop dead. Other tracks worth mentioning are the monstrous seventh act 'The Source' and the following 'Wheels Turn' which certainly brings those hidden monsters in the closet back to life!

I consider Tombstone's 'II' as one of the ten best doom releases in 2010 and if you prefer quality instead of quantity you have to try this one. If you're into bands like Cathedral, The Gates Of Slumber, Wall Of Sleep, Saint Vitus and so on, then Tombstones is for you! Turn the cross and join the dark forces... Norway is on the march!
by Tobias Beament

Track List
01 Hellfire
02 Distorted Visions
03 Whisperer In Darkness
04 Further Down The Abyss
05 Realms Of Oblivion
06 Eye Of The Universe
07 The Source
08 Wheels Turn
09 Supernoid
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