REVIEW: SpartaKiev - Demo 2011

StonerRock from the Netherlands
SpartaKiev - Travelling Alone

Introducing SPARTAKIEV! A new four piece rock outfit from Holland and yet again not surprisingly so, yet another fine release from the Country that seems to keep breeding great and serious rock n roll outfits! I stumbled across this band whilst researching through the never ending gems over at  Bandcamp.

Spartakiev whilst not playing anything new, surprise me with their incredibly glowing sounds that send me back to the late 90's to early 00's. Where Stoner rock was somewhat peaking and loads of great bands kept putting out amazing records! Spartakiev hail in this area think, the punk like vibes of Demoncleaner, The Rawness of early Dozer, Dern Rutlidge and the sometimes jazz, surf elements of Fatso Jetson and you have a pretty good feeling as to what you are getting yourself into.

This 6 track demo/ep depending on what intent it's for is a classy introduction record with enough swings to make you not get bored and enough grooves to keep you wanting more. Tracks like "One " Oozes that classic stoner feeling, we all came to dig and love with dozer like vocals and chunking bass lines and classic raw blues with enough bite to keep it on that nice heavy side yet not at all being too heavy. "Swing a Swung" heads down the muffled down tuned road and reminds me to some degree of the earlier desert sessions stuff that was done on, say volumes 1 & 2!

"Daemons", see's "Spartakiev" get down to business a truly kick ass song and a real eye opener to what this band is about! Vocals on this track are seriously nailed, the chorus is so catchy with spoken word like haunts and crushing punk styled riff layer behind it! Again nothing new, but the wheel sometimes doesn't need to be reinvented, to enjoy good old fashioned stoner rock and roll!

I can see "Spartakiev", getting a lot of attention as there Demo gets exposed! I urge you to pick this up and contact the band it's just one of those gems, which will really take you back to the good old days and give hope to the future. Classic Demo with just the right amount of everything to keep it from being to mundane, solid effort guys I look forward a long player hopefully in the not too distant future...
by Matt Frighetto

Track List
01 Travelling Alone
02 Los Weirdos
03 One
04  Swing a Swung
05 Daemons
06 New Morning

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