REVIEW: 3 Mexicans from Gorma - G.O.R.M.A.

StonerRock from Italy
3 Mexicans from Gorma - Desolated Man

The Three Mexicans from Gorma formed in 2007: every member comes from different musical experiences. The new trio, of south-stoner/space rock was created to revive the nostalgics of the 80's and 90's robust, smoked out, heavy and hungry sound. Remembering the glorious American stoner rock pioneers. The 12 tracks here enclose a comic book concept of pure invention, which will take you to a place forgotten by God, a place forgotten by all, to the city of Gorma (an acronym of the members of the band).

Gorma is a ghost town, strange and decadent, lost in the Mexican desert, a town reflecting destruction, greed, madness, cruelty, evil and envy, all the wickedness still present in today's world. The protagonist called "Desolated Man" (an old and dirty loner cowboy), reaches the city of Gorma, just by chance, riding his old horse Jekyll. Closer and closer to evil-land, the old cowboy is captured by a series of events that trap him inside Gorma for eternity. The significance of the city is nothing but the doorway to damnation. The Desolated Man will have to fight against the Gorma's evil, surrounded by blood and delirium, trying to earn eternal peace.

The Mexicans will take on stages with this story made up by a soundtrack inspired by the powerful and massive best pages of Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss, using the experiences gathered in previous projects (Spingigonzales and Goro), not only playing, but telling a story like some twisted Rodriguez film. In October of 2010 they released G.O.R.M.A., their first self-produced album, distributed by Go Down Records.

Concept albums are nothing new, and if this seems like a lot to swallow, it is! However, there's some really interesting things going on with this band and this album, and it really does suck you in and take you on a journey. The eerie spoken word intros and creepy passages throughout the recording really enhance the listening experience.  I am really glad this was brought to my attention; I really enjoyed the hell out of it. I'm guessing the readers here will too.
By Adam Walsh

Track List
01 Preface Back to the Desert...
02 Intro
03 Intermission
04 Desolated Man
05 First Day, Jen... When I See You.
06 A Dreamer on the Moon
07 Encounter with the Demon and the Mariachi...
08 Mariachi Song (scotch sketch)
09 Wah Wah
10 Precarious Hollywood
11 Inside Gorma...
12 Outro

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