REVIEW: Tia Carrera - The Quintessential

StonerRocK from the USA
Tia Carrera - Gypsies

Tia Carrera boasts members who shaped some pretty cool bands in their past lives (the Butthole Surfers being a particularly cool reference for me).

What you have here is an album of such lolloping 'I am fucking cool and you WILL love be God damn you' riff and jam that you will wonder if this is the primordial soup from which all things Earthless and Mammatus were formed.

Fuzz Rock shouldn't be packaged and over processed and falsified and this record is perfect proof of why because when you let the artists (is that too formal a title for Eric Andrew and Jason?) express themselves without a restrictive 'record company splint' to express along you get records such as this.

This record is a beautiful, brutal and jaw droppingly cool descent into riff worship and wah wah flavoured heaviness. If you don't nod your head and relish every moment of 'drumstick / ride cymbal communion' then you aren't human and you shouldn't be reading this and you probably shouldn't be listening to fuzz rock and you probably should never pick up a guitar and possibly even maybe should never grow your hair or do any of things that fans of this genre do in between reefers.

This record will fuzz you up good and hard..... And then they SING at you (Hazy Winter)....... Brilliant.

If you buy this album you will LOVE listening to it, if you don't buy it then you really should make plans to sell all of your other records and buy it somehow, somewhere, somehow.

Reviewed by Jon Davis

Smallstone Records 
 Track List

01 Home
02 The Unnamed Wholeness
03 Gypsies
 04 New Orleans
05 Hazy Winter

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