REVIEW: Six Dead Horses - Horn, Tusk, Antler EP

DOOM from the USA
Six Dead Horses - Human Dragon, Father of Man

When i push the volume and let loose the beast, it's like being flogged and sodomized by an inverted cross held by a mad monk...

The debut 'Horn, tusk, antler' by the American Six Dead Horses hailing from Orlando, Florida is a super heavy doomsday fortress, containing three heavily armed missiles from hell! At the first listen i was about to fall off the coach, and i tell you that at the highest volume these guys will bead the roots from the soil and pulverize both walls and ears. Even your bong will explode from the pressure wave! In short, this is well worth the digging and the corpses are more than happy to dance madly backwards one last time.

The opening track 'Lakota' is an absolute beast in almost 13 nail biting minutes that includes everything a fully fledged doom/sludge act should have. Ten tons of raw power, nicely carved riffs and the vocals are just as stoned as they should be; somehow the whole kit reminds me of a more doomier Zoroaster or perhaps Spancer. Imagine that Electric Wizard, Our Survival Depends On Us and Sleep having a doomsday party with your local dealer and add another 5 barrels of THC along with some good old sabbatic worship and you get an idea how these guys sound.

The second gem 'Human dragon, father of man' hammers on in the same go(o)d spirit without taking any prisoners. Just as the opening track, you get your teeth kicked in and the unstoppable skull-crushing machine continues to run without mercy. The end to this madness is called 'Brutalitarian', and there is nothing more to say than it is brutal and leaves no one indifferent. These six dead horses never cease to trot and its pale riders holds on to the stick without getting out of hand just once. Well, the music is not unique in any way and has been made many times before but somehow these Americans manage to keep it on a level that feels quite new and interesting. I can assure you that this debut is a 100% i-love-to-kick-ass-and-my-mother-in-law-will-hate-me-for-buying-it disc! As we all know, it just makes it more interesting:)

Six Dead Horses offers a mix of leaden anxiety, accuracy and entertainment at the same time and all three tracks have the same high standard and are very long and intense without any slip. As long as these sludgy gentlemen of doom are holding the baton there is no other words, there is no rest for the wicked!

Reviewed by Tobias Beament

Track List

01 Lakota
02 Human Dragon, Father of Man
03 Brutalitarian

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