REVIEW: Planetoid - Shadow of the Planetoid

StonerRocK from theUSA
Planetoid - Chain Reaction

These 3 fuzznauts cleverly disguised as a rock band have decided to jump ship and call Boston home for now. The spacegrass where these aliens come from must be killer, in order to come up with these slick 70's inspired grooves, which would give any Clutch fan a boner. Here's how they describe themselves on their myspace page:

Our mission: to enslave the human race with our transmissions of face-melting rock. In the wake of an intergalactic war, the likes of which this universe has never seen, we have been cast backwards in time from the year 3032. Marooned on this accursed planet known as Earth, we have taken on the guise of the most highly respected and influential force this world has ever known: That of a rock & roll band.

Bludgeoning the drums with mechanical fury is Admiral Time: A cybernetic organism so technologically advanced he is able to bend the very fabric of the universe by force of will alone. Incinerating the electric guitar is General Ovatus Talieah: A plant-based creature single-handedly responsible for the genocide of countless organisms throughout the known universes. And finally, Locrius. Master of the bass-time continuum, preacher of Church of the Overdrive. A dread-goblin assassin turned demagogue, capable of shifting phase between dimensions and controlling the minds of his victims with but a word.

Together we have forged a ghastly tribunal of evil geniuses, war criminals, and abominations. The only proof of our existence lies in the testimonials of the few who have survived our live performances. All who stand opposed will be destroyed. - End Transmission.

Growing up with bands like KISS and Alice Cooper, I love seeing this kind of theatrical dedication in music. Bands that try to pull this off now, usually don't have the music to back it up, these freaks do. This is a great sounding disc, and for everyone who enjoys the rock! I have got to check these "guys" out live. Recommended.

Reviewed by Adam Walsh

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Track List

01 Lord of This Asteroid
02 Alpha God
03 Chain Reaction
04 Electro-Chemical Overload
05 Church of the Overdrive
06 Beyond the Black Hole
07 The Death of a Star
08 Russian Space Solution
09 Black Miasma
10 Shadow of the Planetoid
11 End Transmission

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