REVIEW: Mangoo - Neolithic

StonerRocK from Finland
Mangoo - Birds Of Prey

Mangoo - No Clue  From the Planetfuzz Compilation CD

I am speechless; Finland has succeeded in creating yet another rock machinery of very high qualities. A prehistoric time machine that touches every nerve in your body and who flirts with everything from the late 60's to modern space rock. Fasten your seat belts and join Mangoo on their journey through time and space!

On the debut album 'Neolithic' by the Finnish wizards of fuzz you get a delicious mango(o) cocktail containing 10 juicy rock acts in almost 42 minutes. Every second on this gorgeous piece of plastic is worth the cash and it is noticeable that the guys in Mangoo have dug deep into their record collections and have found the best of the best in terms of influences. Only the best is good enough for these rockers and they clearly shows how to run the show in a mature and respectable manner.

The first track out is the supreme 'Blinders' that mash almost everything in the same genre and hit the roof with a bang like goliath on dope. Lots of high class riffings along with cool keyboards and catchy vocals that reminds me of Dave Wyndorf (Monster magnet). Mangoo rumbles on with 'Only Silver' and the magnificent 'Birds of Prey' which raises the album even more and are one of my favourites on the album. Both songs are definitely something to scare away your neighbours with and the supreme court of rock takes another giant leap towards the top.

Put your party hat back on, it ain't over yet, there are still a few nuggets left! Gems like 'So Not', 'Planet' , 'Trapped' and the finishing track 'Not Your Dog' are outstanding, once again you get this cosmic mixture of fuzzadelic sweetness and acid drenched rock fury full of energy and nicely arranged choruses which is more than enough to satisfy any stoner or space rocker around the globe. The riffian gods are probably jumping up and down in 'riff-heaven' by now and I keep whispering Mangoo for president over and over again like some crazy fool in front of my speakers.

Mangoo are dealing with the best in fuzz rock or whatever you wanna call it and can be compared with dignities such as Monster magnet, The Hellacopters, Farflung, 500ft of pipe and some of the acid rock bands from the late 60's and early 70's. 'Neolithic' is one of the best album releases this year for sure and will suit any mangooloid out there who's only in it for the mango(o). Get it or regret it!

Reviewed by Tobias Beament

7:45 Records
Track List

01 Blinders
02 Only Silver
03 Birds Of Prey
 04 The Bad Habit
05 So Not
06 Planet
07 The Shit
08 Queen Of Glam
09 Trapped (In My Mind)
10 Not Your Dog

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