DEMOLAND: The Shrine - Volume

StonerRocK from the USA
The Shrine  - It's Endless

The Shrine formed in the summer of 2008, following a conversation at a party between Josh and Court about Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath. Soon after this, Baltimore, MD transplant Jeff Murray found his way in contact and the three began jamming.

Josh played guitar, as he had done in Los Angeles die-hardcore punk band Rabies, Court played bass, and Jeff played drums. The simplistic dynamic of the power trio format was recognized between the band and Josh came forward as lead singer. Within six months of heavy and loud jamming,

The Shrine emerged to play across Los Angeles with a demo cd that comprised the first four songs written together. Amongst playing old Hollywood venue staples such as The Troubadour, The Shrine jam out in packed backyards, as well as once playing a bike rally in the middle of the night to parking lot of a hundreds of people, powered by their own generator.Rock On!

Track List

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