Review: Numbah Ten - Promo Roadburn 2009

Holy smoke!... Numbah Ten are back with a vengeance!! They drive right through you like some kind of a rampant war machine without leaving a single piece of meat behind. This time Numbah Ten are meaner and heavier than ever and the songs are longer and occasionally more psychedelic than before.

What can I say, Sweden has done it again! This time Numbah Ten enters the throne and believe me this is one of the best stoner acts ever! This dynamic trio hailing from Linköping, Sweden have no limits and it is only a matter of time before they reach the highest peak of the sacred mountain.

The Roadburn Promo starts off with some relaxed riffing in a more psychedelic approach that quickly explodes like a keg of dynamite and turns into an inferno of massive riffs that leaves no one unmoved. All tracks are huge, tonnage of heavy fuzz laden guitars along with great drumming and on top of that an anguished Mattias who roars in desperation. It's hard to pick a specific track as the best because all of these three gold nuggets are individual masterpieces that literally trickle of superiority.

These Swedish titans mix instrumental and psychedelic parts with some good old desert rock in a way that affects every nerve in your body. If you're into bands like Kyuss, My Sleeping Karma, The Great Escape and Catapult The Smoke you will adore the work of Numbah Ten. Much has happened since the start and Numbah Ten have gone from being a good stoner rock band into something almost godlike and I'm very curious about the rest of the recording. This three tracks are an excellent sample of what may come, a show-off that makes the god's juggling with their balls in delight... and that's exactly what I am doing right now!... It can't get much better than this!

This promo is no longer available and the band is looking for a label to release their album! If you can help them out please contact them at

Reviewed by Tobias Beament


Track List

02 Mirrors of Time
03 Silent Cyclon

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