Review: El Hijo de la Aurora - Lemuria

First of all I would like to thank the nice guy at Espiritus Inmundos records for sending me this CD along with two Don Juan Matus albums all the way from Peru!...cheers! The label is looking for distributors in Europe for the moment, can you help him out please contact

El Hijo de la Aurora is a Peruvian band who mixes psychedelic wellness with doomy rock, and I assure you that it's quite an experience when these Peruvian chiefs starting to beat the drums. It is the first time I review a band from Peru and mark my words this band 'sweeping the carpet' with many modern bands in the same genre!

The first nugget on El Hijo de la Aurora's debut album 'Lemuria' is a seven-chapter long mammoth like a psychedelic monster drenched in acid divided into two parts! The title track is a bit tough at the start but comes alive after a while and I become curious about the bands next move. 'Lemuria' is a nice carpentry of peacefull and mystical parts mixed with some heavy doomy parts and have a touch of sixty-inspired acid rock which makes any drug addict lose his drugs in confusion.

The next gem, 'Deus Sol Invictus' also affects in a positive way, the track is a short one,in one and a half minutes with a sense that makes fallen trees rise again.Once again El Hijo de la Aurora makes me think of the late sixties and I get a strong feeling that it is precisely that kind of music that inspires this band. After a few short breaths 'El Hijo' fires off one of my favourites on the album. Act number three, 'Portal a Venus' is absolutely worth its weight in gold and saves 'Lemuria' from a certain death in the swamp of mediocrity. Together with the next track 'Cuervo Negro' these songs makes a solid foundation for the entire disc and runs you over in 150 dodge like a heavily loaded wagon with magic mushrooms!

If you want something cosy to listen to when you light a joint I strongly recommend El Hijo de la Aurora and their debut album 'Lemuria'.

Peace and love brothers and sisters!

Reviewed by Tobias Beament

OGRO Records
EspĂ­ritus Inmundos

Track List

01 Lemuria (part 1-4)
02 Deus Sol Invictus
03 Portal A Venus
04 Cuervo Negro
05 Atma
06 Lemuria (Part 5-7)

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